The SA-100P(2) and the SA-1000P(2) are respectively single and dual inline probe Oil in Water analyzers suitable for non hazardous areas; they both use fluorescence to provide continuous accurate measurements of oil concentrations in water. The additional probe on the SA-100P(2) allows monitoring of two process points simultaneously with dual readings displayed on the analyzer. Reliable real-time data enables operators to take accurate measurements and to improve efficiency enabling cost reductions. The SA Series is ideally suited for marine, industrial and general waste water monitoring.

In addition to the standard probe features, the SA-1000P(2) model offers spectral analysis.

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  • Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) Oil in water concentration measurement
  • Patented ultrasonic cleaning eliminates fouling issues and associated maintenance
  • Optional integrated spectrometer, a unique feature that can differentiate oil types and eliminate chemical interference
  • Robust and reliable
  • Remote control and monitoring, suitable for unmanned locations and remote process monitoring


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