ASTM D2504 & D2504/D2505

Introducing the new standard bundle Non-Condensable Gases
and Hydrocarbons in C2 according ASTM D2504 / D2505

We are proud to announce the new standard bundles, "ASTM D2504" and “ASTM D2504/D2505”, to the market.

The ASTM D2504 analyzer is dedicated to the analysis of Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide and hydrocarbons in Ethylene and Propylene.

More information can be found on our extranet pages. This information includes price-lists, Technical offer, start-up procedures, analysis description, settings, sample preparation & handling and test results.

Ordering information can be found in below configuration tab.

Ordering information

Part Number Description
CCG2449A ASTM D2504 SYSTEM ON 120V 7890 GC
CCG2449C ASTM D2504 SYSTEM ON 230V 7890 GC
CCG2453A ASTM D2504 & D2505 SYSTEM ON 120V 7890 GC
CCG2453C ASTM D2504 & D2505 SYSTEM ON 230V 7890 GC


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