SeNse - Sulfur Selective Detector


ASTM D5504, ASTM D5623, ASTM D7011, ASTM D7807

SeNse is a new detector that has been developed by AC Analytical Controls (PAC) for Gas Chromatography applications aiming to determine Sulfur species in hydrocarbon type matrices. While still based on the Chemiluminescence principle that was employed first in the Antek 7090NS model, the detector has undergone a significant redesign to provide unsurpassed sensitivity resulting in lower detection limits, excellent equimolar response, dynamic range and selectivity. A fast cold start-up, unrivalled signal stability, the sturdy but compact design, and the touchscreen interface makes it the easiest to work with.


Applications GC Detector


Excellent Performance

  • Easy to use on-screen User Interface
  • Independent of CDS& instrument
  • Automated vacuum leak check
  • Use of synthetic air improves stability and reduces oxygen related risks!
  • Universal mounting of instrument on any leading GC brand(s)

Best in Market Performance for High Return on Investment

  • Best in market sensitivity
  • Pressure point in base ensures baseline stability
  • Enhanced furnace temperature control improves temperature accuracy and reduces downtime
  • New patented probe design improves catalyst capacity and stability of baseline

Proven Compliancy

  • Complies to all SCD standardized methods:
    • ASTM D5504
    • ASTM D5623
    • ASTM D7011
    • ASTM D7807
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